Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Funnel Web Spiders

If you are considering a trip, or a move, to Australia, you have probably heard horror stories about poisonous spiders. But don't fear. This article will arm you with the knowledge to avoid dangerous spiders and stay healthy on you stay down under.

There are only two truly dangerous spiders common in Australia, much like in the States. As long as you can avoid these types of spiders, you should be safe. These are the funnel web spider and the red back spider.
These two spiders have been known to cause deaths, but you should now automatically fear for your life. There are not anti-venoms available to prevent death by these spiders. They are also found in specific environments, and you can effectively avoid them.

Funnel web spiders are large, and easy to spot. So bites are uncommon. As long as you can stay away from funnel webs, they will not feel threatened and attack you. They like moist and shady areas, and will often dig holes into the ground. You may also find them in logs and under rocks.

Red back spiders are much less aggressive and will not be likely to bite unless they are forced to. They are found in more populated areas, so you will have to stay on the lookout. Where can you find them? Unfortunately, you will often find them in shoes, gloves, jackets, or any other article of clothing that provides cover and a dark space. It is important to check your shoes before putting them on. Luckily, their venom is slow acting and you will have plenty of time to get medical attention if bitten.

With a little care, you will avoid these spiders altogether. Take the proper precautions and you will have a great time in beautiful Australia.